Zara dress Superga sneakers

Can't believe it's been more than 6 months since the last time I post anything on this space. So many things have happened in the past few months, and now i'm studying in london. Only know how lovely HK is when i'm here suffering from the coldness and missing my dad's cooking... 

Bought this pretty dress on the day before setting off to the UK. Wanted to twin with my bae at the airport, but it ends up i can only wear it in uk alone coz I'd rather stay in my pyjama-like outfit for the >10-hour-long-flight. haha. Those superga have become my new favourite through out the Summer. I literally live in them from the day i purchased them! *peeking at my foot at once and guess what Here they are*

Apart from the gloomy weather, everything's perfect. Met some nice people here, and started playing piano again.


Hot Hands

tshirt from mongo pants from monki clutch from chiang mai converse sneakers

It's still like Fall here and I'm lovin' it.

It's finally cool enough for me to wear these super cute pants I bought from monki weeks ago,
and once i got the chance, i'm wearing it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are so comfy and cosy and that make me want to live with them for ever, literally. Being basic and easy to style is a plus.

It's getting colder next week. I'm thinking making a winter lookbook video thing. Tell me your thoughts in the comment!

Until next time



Let me introduce you ...your BFF. Your Broke Friend Forever.

it's crystal clear that fall's launched, or even gone, in Hong Kong. Evidence 1: I don't sweat like a pig on my way to school. (FYI, I set off and run to school 5 minutes before the bell rings every morning) Evidence 2: Sweaters in Zara and fall 2014 magazines hooked me on and has taken over my life now. Evidence 3: I dreamt about me silent-disco-ing at Clockenflap last night thanks to the ubiquity of its seductive manipulative ad. And i cannot stop myself from buying clothes that i don't need and watching the new season of 2 broke girls.


Comeback fall

t-shirt from mango leather skirt from forever21 denim shirt from american apparel converse sneakers

Yes, i'm still alive. I'm not gonna make any excuses for my absence for over a month. I was just too lazy to shoot in my leisure-- the word which barely appeared in my life in the past weeks. To be honest, this tiny break makes me realize how much I love blogging, and I miss all these so much.

Confession aside, I had my hair cut the other night after shower by myself. I was hit by a strong fall vibe suddenly, and decided to make a tiny bit of change for it. To celebrate the launch of autumn (eventually), my sister and i went shopping last week and my purse was zippered shut ever since then. As you can see from the photos above, most of my new babies are some closet stable, just to replace my old overworn ones. The leather skirt and white tshirt are so comfy, yet, smart and stylish. the length of the skirt is just long enough for me not to worry about if I'd suffer a minor wardrobe malfunction while rushing up and down, and short enough to make me not looking like a hobbit at the same time.

These photos were taken by my sister using a film camera this morning after breakfast filling with instant noodles with satay beef and ice milk tea. I was kinda worried at first as we couldn't know the outcome til we got the film develped, but once I see the result, I was relieved and was so satisfied with the negatives. 9 out of 12 are chosen this time instead of 4 out of 5469. Time's saved. There will be no excuse for me to disappear again.



It's still sweltering here in Hong Kong ever after the turbulent typhoon8's arrival. Find myself staying cool in this lovely onepiece even I'm always wandering in air-conditioning places. And the greeny leaf prints finally add some color to my mono-closet in the last bit of Summer. Looking forward to the end for the endless monsoon rain and the begin of leafy Fall.