NEW IN // Happy New Year

I just bought some exquisite candies during Christmas/ New Year sale as New Year gifts for myself. Make sure to check out those high-street store(i.e. Zara) near you, I'm sure you could get some insightful pieces. Beware: Take care of your wallet I need to put a cap on spending after a meandering in some boutiques.*sign* Can't wait to show the details to you guys in more outfit posts, watch out for those posts!

Saunter aside, 2013 is almost over, a.k.a. exam's starting very soon. This is crazy. TIME FLIES. I know I've said this before and way too often but this is what I feel everytime I blog and i don't know why. I started this blog 365days ago and miracle-ly still stick to it. Being a forgetful person, blogging is an amazing way to document my life other than writing diary, which i attempted to do averagely once in a half year and, obviously, failed every single time. Anyways, I look forwa and I have a feeling that 2014 will be even better!

See you in 2014!xx


Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

All from H&M except Nike sneakers photos taken by Ellie Tse

I know this is not Christmas-ish at all. just a comfy-but-with-an-all-eyes-on-my-new-kicks-appeal-look. I have a crush on these leopards and have gone absolutely insane. I'm gonna keep 'em clean and safe and sound before I got too amused and ruin 'em in some New Year Partey/ tripped up by their laces strolling over to a cake shop. Okay just get a glimpse of the facade of the perfect pair ever without inordinate amount of stains/ scratches on them.

Oh and I love the leather detail of the top, too.

Merry Christmas to you all 



Everytime I do a Insta #throwback post, I feel like decades had passed imperceptibly, yet a semester had merely over, and exam take place right after Christmas break, i.e. Alas, study leave.

Blue sky and white cloud day above seems so far away, liquid sunshine and freezing fingers have basically encapsulated my life at the moment, fog is surrounding the mountain outside the window of my room 24/7, which makes it even more mysterious. I am enthralled by the scene and started to enjoy the overcast sky, which is good.

Notwithstanding my messy messy room pile up mass of books and notes, I am super looking forward to celebrating Christmas with the gifts staying under christmas tree, holiday sale/ gift box and gingerbread man.

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Have a nice day!xx



Victoria's secret fashion show aside (but heyyyy who's watching?), everything's been such a blur and i can't believe that December , a.k.a. Christmas time wooo-hoo, has almost past one-third of it. However, as you can see, i'm still wearing Autume-ish outfit and that sandals.  I bought them quite a long time ago and didn't have the chance to wear them. Aren't them adorable? Its still so warm here in Hong Kong, so strange to have Christmas in Fall-ish weather, not that I don't like Fall, I mean I lurve Fall, but you tell me how to celebrate Christmas without scraf, gloves, beanies and the mist created when you're talking in freezing cold days. 

Having said that, i've been feeling so so great in these ten days, i went to a short camp last week with my friends and it is so relaxing and funnyGonna squeeze some time to watch Catching Fire with my sister, literally everyone's telling me how awe the movie is, have any of you watched it?

Gotta go and cuddle up with my sister and popcorn and hot chocolate and dryers in my bed before the show starts! Seeya.*wink*



i know, my bad, last time i blog is more than a week ago, i got a sick leave today, (luckily?) so i finally got some time to update the blog and talk with you guys i miss you so much

you know i went to clockenflap, a music festival based in Hong Kong, last week, if you follow me on Instagram  . it was the best event i've ever attended! Everything that day was simply Perfect. Endless amount of different style of music , vast array of gastronomic delights, plenty of workshop, etc. You guys must go next year to have the best weekend drowning in the sea of fun! See you there next year:D

oh and one more thing, i was contacted by Anita Lam of gooodapple recently and they started a new fashion and beauty site based in Hong Kong, if you are in Hong Kong make sure to check this out, they have great recommendation and review on maybe some of the products you want to purchase, and you can also share your opinion after trying new products/ ootd on the site! Find me on Goodapple

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