Tai O video diary

Here you go! The Tai O video diary! It's the first video diary i've ever made and it takes me few hours to edit itLOL, so please forgive me for the porr quality.///. I had a great time that day, and i'll just let the video speak for itself :)Enjoy! xx.

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hey guys! I have been to Tai O last saturday with my mates for a geography field trip and we had lots of fun. Tai O is a  fishing village, people there are still living in stilt houses and there is no bus for people to travel in Tai O cause it's too small, so they ride bikes instead of taking public transport.((wish i lived there and have a laid-back way of living. There were so many different kinds of food that you can barely find them in urban district, i'm guilty of eating almost 10 kinds of snacks LOL ((don't be scared. i have 2 stomachs *smirk* They were sooo good ♥  The scene there is stunning, like every single picture took there can be a postcard.

I love travelling, it's like you can escape from all the problems/ troubles/ pressure in your real life and just relax and enjoy life, especially travelling with the people you love, to create more precious memories. this is why i like taking photos i guess, to capture the special moments, the priceless memories. you can never go back to the past, right?

i will post the Tai O video diary in the next post! Stay tuned!
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ready set GO!

It's sports day these two days, however I'm not really a sporty girl, so i decided to be a student helper, then I can still enjoy the atmosphere of the athletic meet instead of siting on the auditorium and do nothing. I helped picking the discus and taking record for long jump. I was having so much fun working with my mates, and the games were really exciting and dangerous (so I had to wear a helmet to protect myself), except I felt like I were a dog when I picked up the discus for the participants lol. xx

I just found out this video, I think it's sooo cool. Hope you enjoy it:)

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night, sleep, death and the stars

beanie: id:c parka: bossini knit: monki bag: taobao tail: ella shoes: converse

Mid-term exam is officially over, It's so good to be free again, I miss the smell and the taste of  the freedom so much! But I know I didn't do well this time, not at all, so I am going to work much more harder next time! And I mean it, really, Believe me!(time will prove everything) Being a student, I divide a year into 2 terms instead of  4 seasons. It's the first day of the second term today, so I set a whole new plan for my school life 1.don't be fcuking late again! 2.study really really hard 3.make more new friends:)

Despite everything, the end of the exam means that I can have more time to blog ,dance(I lurve dancing♥♥) and read(the list of the book I wanna read is sooooo long LOL) And I'm not gonna waste my time, like I used to, instead, I'll hold every single second, to do something meaningful, something will make me proud when I look back in the future B-)(It's kinda cheesy, but it's true!)xx

p.s. gonna start my workout plan asap

p.p.s. only 21 days left til lunar new year holiday!

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How can I love when I'm afraid to fall

All from Tumblr.

Again, sorry for the lack of posts, like I mentioned, school's been pretty busy, mid-term exam has almost killed me. LOL (seriously.) Here's some of the photos from my tumblr lately. I think they are all sooo inspiring, like you can't find any photos like these elsewhere, but tumblr. ❤ So I will keep my tumblr. updated for sure, feel free to check it out! ((click here

And here's my favorite song lately (brain-washed by my sis. She's such a huge twilight fan, and she keeps playing and singing this song since we watched Breaking dawn during the Christmas holiday. At first I found it a little bit annoying ._. (maybe it's because my sis's voice? shhhh;p  But then I think this song is amazinggg! Christina Perri has the most beautiful voice ever!  

What's your favourite lately? Hot choco for winter or like my sis, twilight saga? Please comment below and let me know! xx

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