night, sleep, death and the stars

beanie: id:c parka: bossini knit: monki bag: taobao tail: ella shoes: converse

Mid-term exam is officially over, It's so good to be free again, I miss the smell and the taste of  the freedom so much! But I know I didn't do well this time, not at all, so I am going to work much more harder next time! And I mean it, really, Believe me!(time will prove everything) Being a student, I divide a year into 2 terms instead of  4 seasons. It's the first day of the second term today, so I set a whole new plan for my school life 1.don't be fcuking late again! 2.study really really hard 3.make more new friends:)

Despite everything, the end of the exam means that I can have more time to blog ,dance(I lurve dancing♥♥) and read(the list of the book I wanna read is sooooo long LOL) And I'm not gonna waste my time, like I used to, instead, I'll hold every single second, to do something meaningful, something will make me proud when I look back in the future B-)(It's kinda cheesy, but it's true!)xx

p.s. gonna start my workout plan asap

p.p.s. only 21 days left til lunar new year holiday!

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