hey guys! just a short post to share my life moments in Guizhou. It's not a business-orientated hub like Hong Kong or anything big/ famous. But it's a really special place for me. A place where i feel comfortable and safe to be myself. A place where I would probably live after my retirement. Go for a walk, read a novel, have a nice cup of tea would certainly be my everyday pastime, and maybe go on a road trip once a while to experience the world. Goodnight.*Hugs*



.shirt: uniqlo  cardigan:deicy nbsp; trousers shoes:mum T-shirt bracelet: taobao scarf rings: H&M

It's me again:) It's kinda weird to blog every day. but i have to get used to it! Cause i am a good blogger, right?:-/  these photos were taken during the holiday, miss the days there. without any stress, just have fun and enjoy life. there's no better feeling than sharing every moment with your love ones.

Those pants and shoes are from my mum and they are so cute! xx.



It's Monday again. feel so good to have a busy day again. it's hard to feel depressed if you don't even have enough time for you to kill your homeworkLOL I've been such a couch potato in the holiday. time flies, got to keep record to prompt myself that how much time i still got. instagram is a great way to capture every precious moment, a picture is worth a thousand words, look back when you tired or stressful to reminds you of every drop of happiness otherwise you will forget the treasure moments that you've had.
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knit: monki short: lagunamoon coat: mum 

 I am so glad that i finally got some feedbacks about my blog. you have no idea how much it means to me. i will try my best for you xxx. It's warming up here, unlike the day I took these photos, like only 2℃ (hey, the temperature of the coldest days in Hong Kong is around 10℃) the shooting went pretty fast so that i can get into the house and warm myself up as soon as possible.
the coat is from my mum and they are so comfy and can keep me warm in the freezing cold weather. denim looks amazing with the fur detail. I wish i could own them. have a nice day!


dream high

jacket: boutique near home jeans and scarf: H&M belt: mum bag: american apparel shirt, shoes, hat, bracelet:taobao

I'm back! Something came up and I'm so sorry that i can't keep my promise again. But i will be posting everyday from now on for one week aha.

holiday's over and i'm back home. though I miss my grans and the days of doing nothing and food so much, but life must go on, i will try even harder in every way, I will not let them down. (chessy buut true:/

how's your day?xx.


Happy Valentine's day!

I found out that I can't get into blogspot in mainland China(cause prc block it)/_\ but I can get in with my phone somehow shhhh. so I can't keep my promise(post a new post every other day)i guess. You don't know how sorry I am!! and now I try to post some photos taken these days with my phone forgive me with the bad layout. I am posting every day when I am back to Hong Kong until the posts which should be posted in this holiday are all posted. I have prepared for the posts! 

If you've followed my instagram(jessicasinxo) you know I am having so much fun visiting my grans:D fireworks, homemade fries, family gathering, etc. and i reckon i've gained some kgs. this is the best holiday ever! (except thousands of homework and only 4 days left (cry) first holiday post will be posted on 17th 23rd.stay tune!

P.S. Happy Valentine's day!xx.



Luner New Year holiday is finally here. Sorry for not posting for days, just got too busy in school. and i need to pack for my trip. Yes! i'm visiting my grans in Guizhou tomorrow for 10 days:)) by the time you're reading this i'm either doing some last-minute packing or making my way to the airport with my familyThis holiday is gonna be so much fun! Looking forward to burn fireworks there, cause it's illegal in Hong Kong it's a pity that it won't be snowing this year:( due to the global warming.\____/. a poor girl waiting for a miracle, god can u hear me?  

I got sooo much homework this holiday, but I swear I will try my best to blog more. a blog every other day hopefully! and i will make a video when i'm back. leave comment below or ask me anything on formspring if you like my blog! it's getting more and more frustrating with not receiving any feedback after all these posts:'( *kisses*

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