Luner New Year holiday is finally here. Sorry for not posting for days, just got too busy in school. and i need to pack for my trip. Yes! i'm visiting my grans in Guizhou tomorrow for 10 days:)) by the time you're reading this i'm either doing some last-minute packing or making my way to the airport with my familyThis holiday is gonna be so much fun! Looking forward to burn fireworks there, cause it's illegal in Hong Kong it's a pity that it won't be snowing this year:( due to the global warming.\____/. a poor girl waiting for a miracle, god can u hear me?  

I got sooo much homework this holiday, but I swear I will try my best to blog more. a blog every other day hopefully! and i will make a video when i'm back. leave comment below or ask me anything on formspring if you like my blog! it's getting more and more frustrating with not receiving any feedback after all these posts:'( *kisses*

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