Happy Valentine's day!

I found out that I can't get into blogspot in mainland China(cause prc block it)/_\ but I can get in with my phone somehow shhhh. so I can't keep my promise(post a new post every other day)i guess. You don't know how sorry I am!! and now I try to post some photos taken these days with my phone forgive me with the bad layout. I am posting every day when I am back to Hong Kong until the posts which should be posted in this holiday are all posted. I have prepared for the posts! 

If you've followed my instagram(jessicasinxo) you know I am having so much fun visiting my grans:D fireworks, homemade fries, family gathering, etc. and i reckon i've gained some kgs. this is the best holiday ever! (except thousands of homework and only 4 days left (cry) first holiday post will be posted on 17th 23rd.stay tune!

P.S. Happy Valentine's day!xx.

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