.T-shirt: taobao pants:H&M shoes: Converse silver bracelet: Taipei 

These photos were taken in Taipei. Since the trip was planned by travel agency, the schedule of the trip is extremely tight, which made my friend ellie and me, who didnt wear watch, couldnt make few of the roll calls on time  :( I flied a sky lantern with my friends that day, we wrote all our wishes on it and released it, and hope the wishes will come true . Everyone took photos on the railway afterwards, but we must pay attention to see if there is train's coming. it's pretty cool.(you'll know more about it in the Taipei video diary which will be posted soon. Stay tune!)xx.

P.S. since formspring is closing down by the end of this month, i decided to create a new account at ask.fm (click), i'll be answering questions there from now on, ask me anything! i'm so bored.

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