Moonhead @ Nouveau


It'd been a great night hanging out with Sherry(feel free to visit her blog :). Discovering some new places to hang around in Tai Hang.(i'm gonna try afternoon tea and ice chocolate there next time .\__/.)  Wanna start a small cafe and buy a small flat there when i grown up, making coffees and baking cakes for a living, inviting friends to have dinner at my place and close the cafe when i'm tired.

Seems like i don't have the potential/ability to wear high heels.  Being the kind of person who will fall down walking on/in flats, i don't really dare to stroll around wearing heels. however, wearing sneakers at Nouveau, surrounded by people in heels, makes me feel even tinier. i guess i should be practicing walking in heels sooner or later. *sign*

All in all, the show was brilliant. the models were attractive. a girl sang "Sunday Morning" / Maroon 5 impressed me the most. love her voice and the song of course! The servings were delicate<3 Last but not least, the clearest direction to dressing room also made a mark.

it's Monday again. hope you guys all have a fresh new start:)xx.

p.s. i forgot to take pictures of myself yesterday, outfit post for this dress will be posted soon. Stay tune!


Cream MAMI♥

tee:taobao skirt&cap:2% shoes:converse photos: my sister

I know, I know I should be dieting, but it's not my fault. Snacks keep seducing me, and i can't just say no, right? I feel like in heaven once the vanilla ice-cream melting in my mouth (you stop exaggerating), tasting the long-lost-sweetness (unless the dryers i ate last Sunday count:3) and the cone is so tasty. It's really hard to stay away from ice in Summer though. So I announce, my almost-3-weeks-weight-loss-plan ended today, officially.

Shooting with my sister makes the process more enjoyable and comfortable. She always make jokes on me posting with stupid posts, and we keeping giggling during the shooting which makes the situation less awkward. better photos resulted.

Happy Firday guys ♥ xx.



knit/granny boyfriend jeans/Zara necklace/Zara shoes/converse

I'd never been a lucky person in any lucky draws, either Christmas service or New Year party(except there are presents for everybody) I took part in fashiononymous's giveaway,which I thought I didn't have a change to win, just wanted to interact with other bloggers (and Zoe Suen is one of my favourite bloggers<3) I read her blog few days ago as usual,and I found my name was on the list of the giveaway's winner. I won two silver tickets for Nouveaua fashion show held on this Saturday, and I am going with my friend, Sherry.I'm so excited about it! Looking forward to enjoying  the show and hanging out with my friends.

How's your week?xx.

P.S. sorry for the lack of posts recently, have been super super busy lately, tests and everything, trying my best to post more often! *apologies*


Cloud Atlas

shirt/uniqlo denim shorts/lagunamoon shoes/converse 

Just finished "Cloud Atlas", it's is amazing! Through i have to say the plot is a little bit complicated, i think it's kinda hard to understand at the beginning unless you've read the film review before or just me:/ the movie consists of 6 interwoven stories  across six different eras, the actors perform as different character in different time periods, somehow they are connected to/ affected by each other,even though they are from different places/ eras. This is a brilliant extraordinary breath-taking (especially the monologue of Sonmi351) movie, gonna buy the novel sooner or later. You gotta take some time to watch it if you haven't. Definitely worth watching!

quotes i love from the movie
"Our lives are not our own. From womb to tomb, we're bound to others. Past to present. By each crime and every kindness rebirth our future"
"What is an ocean but a multitude of drops?"
"I will not be subjugated to criminal abuse."

Goodnight. xx.

p.s. don't forget your dryers and popcorn!(smirk)



dress|boutique near home watch|mum bag|taobao

What's the matter with the weather? After i've prepared for my lovely Summer, psychologically/ physically, putting all my beanies under my bed and getting tan for beach, oh no it's 18°C only. Nevermind, I'll just spend another whole day to take all my winter clothes out again , put my tank tops and bikinis back and enjoy the time with coco/marshmallow and 90s movie for the rest of my winter/spring :D

Have a nice weekend!xx.

P.S. Save our Earth!


I'd Would Like to Do Just the Things I want in the Rest of My Life

Easter break has passed by so quick and I've been curling in my bed, pigging out on carbs which makes me literally become a pig and have to start another diet by eating grass , attempting school work because of the crap weather, and cancelled a part of my trip which is short enough already. This is gonna be the most "unforgettable" break EVER.Since you guys know i don't really like, well i mean, hate, rainy days, i'd been really depressed in the past few days, and i didn't feel like styling/shooting for blog at all. i'm sorry that i've been such a wimp cryyyy 

Luckily the weather's much getting better, it's been a sunny, breezy day, i hope it will last longer:3 As i'm in a merry mood, so i think the next outfit post is coming very soon haha School starts today, i'm kinda excited to see my friends again, better than huddling up on a sofa all day long, right? I gather most of my Summer-wanted-items in these two pics. Bikini, sunnies and hat are definitely the beach essentials! and I really want a pair of nike and flower-printed-shorts for this coming Summer:D

Have your break ended?

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head on lap

tank top: f21 denim jacket: mum skirt : taobao

these pictures were taken a long time ago, because of the rainy day, i can't go out to take new outfit post so i thought, why not? i took these jpges with my sister last summer, it was my first time to take photos like these, i remember it was kind of embarrassing to post in front of my sis, and the people passing by will stare at us. it's getting much better now:) xx.

how's your Easter break?

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