Cloud Atlas

shirt/uniqlo denim shorts/lagunamoon shoes/converse 

Just finished "Cloud Atlas", it's is amazing! Through i have to say the plot is a little bit complicated, i think it's kinda hard to understand at the beginning unless you've read the film review before or just me:/ the movie consists of 6 interwoven stories  across six different eras, the actors perform as different character in different time periods, somehow they are connected to/ affected by each other,even though they are from different places/ eras. This is a brilliant extraordinary breath-taking (especially the monologue of Sonmi351) movie, gonna buy the novel sooner or later. You gotta take some time to watch it if you haven't. Definitely worth watching!

quotes i love from the movie
"Our lives are not our own. From womb to tomb, we're bound to others. Past to present. By each crime and every kindness rebirth our future"
"What is an ocean but a multitude of drops?"
"I will not be subjugated to criminal abuse."

Goodnight. xx.

p.s. don't forget your dryers and popcorn!(smirk)


  1. I love your necklaces! Where are they from? x

    1. thanks! they are form a small boutique near my home but closed down few weeks ago :(

  2. You look gorgeous - lovely photos!
    I have the novel and have been meaning to read it for agesssssss. Still need to watch the film too! I'm rubbish haha college work and exam revision is taking over my life!

    1. thanks *shyshy* is the novel good?please tell me if you finished it, dunno if i should purchase it:o) me high school 2 years left roarrr


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