I'd Would Like to Do Just the Things I want in the Rest of My Life

Easter break has passed by so quick and I've been curling in my bed, pigging out on carbs which makes me literally become a pig and have to start another diet by eating grass , attempting school work because of the crap weather, and cancelled a part of my trip which is short enough already. This is gonna be the most "unforgettable" break EVER.Since you guys know i don't really like, well i mean, hate, rainy days, i'd been really depressed in the past few days, and i didn't feel like styling/shooting for blog at all. i'm sorry that i've been such a wimp cryyyy 

Luckily the weather's much getting better, it's been a sunny, breezy day, i hope it will last longer:3 As i'm in a merry mood, so i think the next outfit post is coming very soon haha School starts today, i'm kinda excited to see my friends again, better than huddling up on a sofa all day long, right? I gather most of my Summer-wanted-items in these two pics. Bikini, sunnies and hat are definitely the beach essentials! and I really want a pair of nike and flower-printed-shorts for this coming Summer:D

Have your break ended?

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  1. I went back to college on Monday - I wish we could have some more time off but alas, exams. Easter break/pigging out on carbs was fun while it lasted though



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