Moonhead @ Nouveau


It'd been a great night hanging out with Sherry(feel free to visit her blog :). Discovering some new places to hang around in Tai Hang.(i'm gonna try afternoon tea and ice chocolate there next time .\__/.)  Wanna start a small cafe and buy a small flat there when i grown up, making coffees and baking cakes for a living, inviting friends to have dinner at my place and close the cafe when i'm tired.

Seems like i don't have the potential/ability to wear high heels.  Being the kind of person who will fall down walking on/in flats, i don't really dare to stroll around wearing heels. however, wearing sneakers at Nouveau, surrounded by people in heels, makes me feel even tinier. i guess i should be practicing walking in heels sooner or later. *sign*

All in all, the show was brilliant. the models were attractive. a girl sang "Sunday Morning" / Maroon 5 impressed me the most. love her voice and the song of course! The servings were delicate<3 Last but not least, the clearest direction to dressing room also made a mark.

it's Monday again. hope you guys all have a fresh new start:)xx.

p.s. i forgot to take pictures of myself yesterday, outfit post for this dress will be posted soon. Stay tune!


  1. and I know I got the potential lol


  2. Seems like you had a good time at the show. Don't worry about the whole high heels thing - after stumbling around a few times you'll get the hang of them! The last two photos at the mtr station made me miss Hong Kong for some reason :p

    1. i did indeed:) Come to Hong Kong! let me be your guide B-)


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