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Hi guys! It was really hot this morning, i can't believe that Summer have not yet launched lol a rainstorm arrived this afternoon while I'd finished dim sum for lunch with my gals and was buying green bean paste for dessert. You know what the best part is? only one of us brought umbrella. So we just run back to school as fast as possible and me protect my takaway-green-bean-paste the best i could.

I made a banana pancake (recipe) after school with my sis and it's super easy and convenient. 1 banana, 2 whole eggs and 15 minutes are all you need. smash the banana with eggs in a bowl, mix well, cook until golden, and now it's your show timeB-) Tips: 1. do cook a little bit longer, otherwise the pancakes will end up with jelly-ish texture  2. you can use coconut oil instead of butter 3. use the banana with black spots on it, it's sweeter and more nutritious 4.steel pan is recommended

i've been searching for some easy/healthy recipes these weeks to fulfill my appetite in a short time. any suggestions?

Hope you enjoy the recipe:))

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  1. Seems delicious but I don't really like bananas. lol



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