Heigh HO

all from tumblr People appreciate things the most when they are gone. i.e. my 2nd pair of ear piercings. One of them was infected in January and the hole disappeared. but i thought: it doesn't matter, i still got 2 piercings on one side, it's cool. Unfortunately, one of my earrings fell and i don't even know when. Alas, i found out the fact that the other ear piercings had healed already this morning. *cry*

Oh, and one more thing, my schedule was missing too, Guess what. I found it in my closet.

have a nice week:) its not monday today its not monday todayits not monday today


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  1. Cute post. I love the piano stairs!
    Today is satuday woooooo (I hate mondays too - I'm sure the whole world does)


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