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t-shirt: American Apparel shirt: uniqlo shorts: lagunamoon shoes: converse photo by my sis

Sorry for my absence these days, promise i'll post more often. tried drinking green smoothie this week and it's not that awful as i thought. to be honest it's quite good and perfect for Summer. you guys definitely gotta try it! For me i put some spinach, apple, strawberries, kiwi, water and ice.(veggie:fruit = 4:6) Just throw everything you want in the mixer and Ta-da it's done!
Today is Mother's Day! Gonna do some shopping and have a great dinner with my mum. I love you mum, though you are kinda annoying sometimes nothing's gonna change my love for you<3 

have a nice day with your mum!xx

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  1. if just eat fruit,will be full?

    1. i am full after drinking a glass of it
      plus, i drink green smoothie instead of water in the morning, not for a whole meal haha
      try it and you'll know!!

  2. Anonymous5/15/2013

    lovely girl :) like your simple matching !


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