i can finally taste a bit of fall (a.k.a. lighting candles 24/7) after all. Hong Kong seems to be in transition period from Summer after Usagi dropping by. which reminds me of the end of September nevertheless i'm still in the mood of back-to-school. Things at school's eased up a bit, student union and stuff goes on quite smoothly, so hopefully i'll be posting more often and regularly. Comment down below and tell me what would you like me to post about!

happy weekend!xx.

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Sunset Boulevard

Aren't these sandals adorable♥I'm despairing at walking in heels, but i bought this pair of heel from Zara when they're on sale regardless.  They basically broke me down at first sight, plus they only cost me HK$150! Ergo i can't think of any reason that i should leave them alone on the shelf. and i really like the metal detail at the back.

have a good day/night! xx.



the most adorable couple ever

To the details!

i was shooting with my sista last friday, and was accompanied by a sea of tissue and water. we had fun shooting even in the highest temperature.. Sort of, not really. i was very excited about the pix this time, cant wait to share the photos with you all. Stay tuned! there's monster typhoon in Hong Kong yesterday, it extended til this morning, so i have a free day today. And, ergo, i decided to update my abondoned blog *guilty* But school's been really perishing, i have to stop and stuck on my maths homework. Bye.

To viewers in Hong Kong happy unexpected typhoon holiday!xx.


Blurred line

the sky these days is sooo stunning which makes me took almost too many shots of it. though its the mid of September now, the temperature is still so high here in Hong Kong. luckily a gentle wind was blowing at night which makes it more comforting. it's Mid-Autume Festival, a traditonal festival of China, this Thursday. Looking forward to playing lanterns, eating mooncakes, enjoying the fullmoon, and dancing in the moonlight with my friends and family. facing many challenges recently, sigh, i'll just think simple and do my best and hope everything will be alright.

Friendship isn't about being inseparable; it's about everything being the same separated. --- Ted, 2012

How's it going guys?xx.