Fedora-h&m knit-mother dress 2% converse

it's the time of the year again when everyone transform into the person that you would like to be if you'd had a choice. As i study/studied in a christian seconday school/primary school, it is forbidden to celebrate halloween, so i don't used to dress up for it. This is not a 'costume' post, rather a Halloween inspired outfit. the dress is like my mom bought it in a sale, but i did't have a chance to wear it. Since i have no idea what to wear for this inpired post, so why not? i just style it with, yeah, my mum's old knit outerwear. I really love the details of the buttons on it, they are so retro and make me feel getting back to the 80's.
how did you guys dress up for Halloween?
Trick or treat!

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all about leopard, leather N chunky boots

Fall makes everything much better. the weather, the fashion, the food, the mood, etc. It's like the gentle breeze, the warmth of the beam of sunlight, the moment of peace will last for ever. Everything will stay safe and sound. Kind of like taking photo for a spectacular sunset. The sun keeps fallin' and the sky keeps turning darker while you expect that it will stay the same for you to instagram the perfect picture.

Wanting a pair of black leather heeled chunky boots and leopard Vans so badly, i've been searching for them online like crazy. but still can't find the ones and only, (well, most of the ones i found and love are way out of my budget) Do you guys have any suggestions for these two pairs? if you do, please tell me in the comment down below! i'll go check if zara do, bye

Enjoy your weekend!

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Norwegian wood

i used to think that milk tastes kinda grossy  so i'd been drinking juice with my breakfast ever since i remember In the winter when i was 11 i was so into Vita Soy milk i bought it from 7-11 every day after school during that period of time it gave mildness from inside out As you know i was on diet a while ago so i started drinking green smoothie instead of soy milk to energize my day (its still on my top three winter-drinks list though One thing's for sure hot chocolate is always the best) it worked really well for weight loss due to exams and stuff i had no time to prepare the ingredients and didn't want to leave my bed 10minutes earlier to mix the smoothie i stop this trend after like 2 weeks Guess what I had a pumpkin muffin with a carton of milk this morning 

sorry for MIA last week School's been really annoying i'd just finished 3 tests and more are yet to come i'll try my best to post more frequently

sweet dream<3/ good day

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i know i should have posted earlier, but my computer froze, so i can do nothing but take it to the hospital. it's fixed today, i edited the jpes, typed this out, and posted this ASAP. i had my geography field trip this Tuesday, we visited some islands near Sai Kong, i met some new friends and discovered a incredibly gorgeous beach (relatively in Hong Kong) the sea water is really clear, i cant help walking on the sand with my bare feet even i was wearing pants and sneakers. i had a really relaxing and beautiful day. which reminds me of the monthly  occasionally videos. Promise i will possibly probably make one when i am free.

have a good day/night!xx.

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thank you so much for the drawings from @adnanghiats !
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it's officially the start of October/ Fall. i still can't believe that Summer's over. Fall is my favorite season, it has the best weather of all time and some autumnal tranditions: knit, hot choco, beanies, pumkin pies, picnics, layering , scarf, leaves and Halloween.

more outfit posts will be up soon!xx.

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