all about leopard, leather N chunky boots

Fall makes everything much better. the weather, the fashion, the food, the mood, etc. It's like the gentle breeze, the warmth of the beam of sunlight, the moment of peace will last for ever. Everything will stay safe and sound. Kind of like taking photo for a spectacular sunset. The sun keeps fallin' and the sky keeps turning darker while you expect that it will stay the same for you to instagram the perfect picture.

Wanting a pair of black leather heeled chunky boots and leopard Vans so badly, i've been searching for them online like crazy. but still can't find the ones and only, (well, most of the ones i found and love are way out of my budget) Do you guys have any suggestions for these two pairs? if you do, please tell me in the comment down below! i'll go check if zara do, bye

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. I 've seen the leopard vans tooo ! really adorable!!
    i think you may buy a pair of white shoes and DIY the leopard pattern lol


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