Norwegian wood

i used to think that milk tastes kinda grossy  so i'd been drinking juice with my breakfast ever since i remember In the winter when i was 11 i was so into Vita Soy milk i bought it from 7-11 every day after school during that period of time it gave mildness from inside out As you know i was on diet a while ago so i started drinking green smoothie instead of soy milk to energize my day (its still on my top three winter-drinks list though One thing's for sure hot chocolate is always the best) it worked really well for weight loss due to exams and stuff i had no time to prepare the ingredients and didn't want to leave my bed 10minutes earlier to mix the smoothie i stop this trend after like 2 weeks Guess what I had a pumpkin muffin with a carton of milk this morning 

sorry for MIA last week School's been really annoying i'd just finished 3 tests and more are yet to come i'll try my best to post more frequently

sweet dream<3/ good day

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