Do What You Want

mono-combo never goes wrong. abs-wanted for ages, however i'mma the kind of person who'd rather cuddle up against my Teddy and sunrounded by candies watching Vampire Diaries (just found out Bonnie's back to life againLOL  and i dunno what i was crying for (follow me on instagram @jessicasinxo to know more about it) than wander run aimlessly in the gym (but hey)currently found out my sista get toned abs as her character is exact opposite of mine ---- moving all day long and never feel tired and i wonder how.. 

As the air temperature is getting lower and cooler in Hong Kong, finaalllyy yayyy, i need to seize final chance to wear crop tops these few days, to enjoy the last bite of summer/autume, and define my abs with crunches and planks this winter. 

Muscles aside, i wonder if there is a place with year-long-fall-weather. Who doesn't love falll?:) 

 Have a good day/night! 

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  1. i do love this outfit ::>_<::
    nocturnal wheather is getting cold and take care in these day especially..:)

  2. super!:) xo

  3. You're very pretty :D
    NĂ® hao I wanna know you ahahahah



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