Fedora-h&m knit-mother dress 2% converse

it's the time of the year again when everyone transform into the person that you would like to be if you'd had a choice. As i study/studied in a christian seconday school/primary school, it is forbidden to celebrate halloween, so i don't used to dress up for it. This is not a 'costume' post, rather a Halloween inspired outfit. the dress is like my mom bought it in a sale, but i did't have a chance to wear it. Since i have no idea what to wear for this inpired post, so why not? i just style it with, yeah, my mum's old knit outerwear. I really love the details of the buttons on it, they are so retro and make me feel getting back to the 80's.
how did you guys dress up for Halloween?
Trick or treat!

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  1. Very-very nice!:)) xo


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