Rings of Saturn

yes you are going to listen to this commercial

belated Happy sweet sixteen to me:D The good thing about having my birthday on a holiday is that it will then last few days longer. As some of my friends would tell me happy birthday on the Friday before the weekend/ the Monday after the weekend (which makes me 10^10 times more suprised as the congratulations are not expected), while celebrating with my family and my close friends on the official day. The most important thing and the part i care the most is, well, having almost too many cuisine, but hey! And suffer from food coma at the moment, which totally worth it.

i know i haven't been updating much lately, but i am going to do some shooting with my sis this Sunday, so the blog will be posting more often and regularly later this month. 

TGIF! Hope you all are having a fabulous weekend!

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  1. It is infrequently that you have posted the music instead of your outfit photo haha :-p

    1. haha is that a good thang?:3 hope you like 'em<3


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