Victoria's secret fashion show aside (but heyyyy who's watching?), everything's been such a blur and i can't believe that December , a.k.a. Christmas time wooo-hoo, has almost past one-third of it. However, as you can see, i'm still wearing Autume-ish outfit and that sandals.  I bought them quite a long time ago and didn't have the chance to wear them. Aren't them adorable? Its still so warm here in Hong Kong, so strange to have Christmas in Fall-ish weather, not that I don't like Fall, I mean I lurve Fall, but you tell me how to celebrate Christmas without scraf, gloves, beanies and the mist created when you're talking in freezing cold days. 

Having said that, i've been feeling so so great in these ten days, i went to a short camp last week with my friends and it is so relaxing and funnyGonna squeeze some time to watch Catching Fire with my sister, literally everyone's telling me how awe the movie is, have any of you watched it?

Gotta go and cuddle up with my sister and popcorn and hot chocolate and dryers in my bed before the show starts! Seeya.*wink*

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