i know, my bad, last time i blog is more than a week ago, i got a sick leave today, (luckily?) so i finally got some time to update the blog and talk with you guys i miss you so much

you know i went to clockenflap, a music festival based in Hong Kong, last week, if you follow me on Instagram  . it was the best event i've ever attended! Everything that day was simply Perfect. Endless amount of different style of music , vast array of gastronomic delights, plenty of workshop, etc. You guys must go next year to have the best weekend drowning in the sea of fun! See you there next year:D

oh and one more thing, i was contacted by Anita Lam of gooodapple recently and they started a new fashion and beauty site based in Hong Kong, if you are in Hong Kong make sure to check this out, they have great recommendation and review on maybe some of the products you want to purchase, and you can also share your opinion after trying new products/ ootd on the site! Find me on Goodapple

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  1. that's meeeeeee lol defintely going next year!



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