Don't just dream in your sleep

T-shirt from Zara leather jacket from 2% pants and scarf from H&M Converse

i just miss my long hair. Not that i don't like my new hairstyle I wholeheartedly enjoy every second with their accompany i'm feeling so fresh and comfortable with my short hair as i no longer need to worry about my hair reaching the gelato I'm devouring nor spend 30 minute to blow dry them. But it's like a part of me had disappeared with the few inches of curls. It will grow, but..

Tuft aside, the flag print on my shirt from the huge crazy Zara sale is so cute! i know there are a bit too much black in this outfit, but, like, whatever.

Good night!xxx



Just a quick short preview for my lastest babe. Can't wait to show you guys more of it. I'm totally in love with the shots! Stay tuned!xx.


She Will Be Loved

sweater from zara pants from here sneakers from nike air free 5.0

over-worn nike run 5.0 aside, I wanted to buy this sweater months ago but it was sold out when i remembered to bring my money along. My tears almost trickling down my cheeks right in front of the salesman (Not really but you know what I mean) I searched for it and the monki overalls (which i want so badly and could't get one and never will) like crazy in every way i could. Lucily, in the zara sale just before Christmas, it's like GOD finally hears my voice and let me found the one and only long sleeve knit in the heap of all those sale items. It's a miracle (well at least to me) I have a new obsession with oversize sweater recently. Other than bingtanghulu, this might be an other reason I hope Winter last forever. Oh, the exotic print on my pants looks so perfect!

have a nice day!xx


You look like a chrysanthemum or something.

New year confession: I'm repeating some of the worst mistakes of my our life.
I've had long hair for ages (well.. maybe not. just one year or so and curled them last summer but hey) so i thought why not have a new hairstyle right before LNY (new year new me, right.....?) i've been searching like crazy online/ magazine/ other blogs(i love the type of hairstyle Margaret Zhang, Nicole Warne, Zoe Suen owns!) and here's some inspirations i found on tumblr. What do you think?
and here's a playlist of some of the random music i've been sticking with lately, hope you enjoy them!xx


The Bling Ring

leather jacket from 2% dress from taobao heels and  bracelet from Zara

Just a post I never managed to post. I did the shooting in the summer but forgot about it and left the jpges behind in one of the files on my desktop. I indeed love this set of photo my sister took for me. I have no idea why didn't I post these pics at first.The leather jacket goes pecfect with the white chiffon dress. I think I will probably change the heels to converse in order to wear them on a daily basis. I can barely walk in heels, or even in flats.

Oh, one more thing, i disabled my spring.me account, you can ask me question on ask.fm (here)/ tumblr (here) instead of spring.me:) You can add a lil bit color to a homebody's my life by sending me questions so feel free to do so! 

Have a nice day!xx