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Sweater c/o Zalora Vans sneakers 
Here's the follow-up of the original "Jessica the otaku and her new sweater addiction" and i believe there will be no end of sequels if Summer doesn't launch eariler. This fluffy aztec sweater from Zalora is so soft and comfy, and the metallic detail is a bonus. It forms a good combo with basically everything in my closet. Thank you Licia!

As you can probably tell by the spike of the quality of the jpges, I bought a new DSLC! It feels amazing to shoot with my new canon and my sis (the perfect combo to work with) I'm still playing around with the buttons and lens of my new friend. Looking forward to more insightful pix<3

By the way, if you are in Hong Kong and don't have credit card/ paypal account like me, it's super convenient shopping with Zalora as cash on delivery is offered, so you don't have to go through those complicated payment steps. 

see ya later:) xx


  1. Nice:)) x

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