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Perseverance is the key of everything, which is what i attempt to do with my blog and my 5th 6th diet(maybe? im not sure, don't ask me) But tests are packed like sardines on my schedule, and that almost jeopardize my plan. Cross your fingers for me that i'll be passing all my test and finding a way to balance blogging and studying in a bid to make sure my plans are impregnable.

Oh, and the fast food from the lastest collection of MOSCHINO are getting all over me. Gonna keep myself away from the fries of Mcdonald til my7th diet comes.

Hope you enjoy the images diarrhea and my illness playlist. I gotta go and nibble at my moiety of chocolate volcano. X.


  1. Nice Playlist!
    are they all your fav songs?

    1. So glad that yoou like 'em!
      they are the favs of the song i'd been listening to these 2 months

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