Dress from forever 21 blazer similar here hat from h&m Nike sneakers

Sequel to the adventure of Sherry from Mare Nubium and me in Sheung Wan on the Saturday almost 3 weeks ago. It seems like yesterday to me blame the post schedule chaos. And the Saturday tests/ lectures/ projects are helping me come to terms with reality.
 Blogger's problem aside, I felt like picnicking while shooting in a daisy printed dress (well..I ascertained that the fact that it is actually a top later but hey who cares?) with flowers blossom in riot of colour behind me. i should probably do some planning on my coming weekend as the weather gets so much better and i finally saw the sun again this morning.

Good day/ night! X.


Almost Lover

 Jpges from my last shooting with Sherry from Mare Nubium and my boo. After having our egg Benedict and banana waffles, Sherry Chloe and I headed for teakha where Ellie Esther and my sister were waiting for us. We started shooting with some adorable walls and shops once the shower tailed off into a drizzle. Accompanied by my BOY sweatshirt, wild Nike and beloved Mings,  I had so much fun during the shooting and hopefully there'll be an other shooting plan in the Easter break. Tell me your thoughts!
Can't wait to show you guys the rest of the photos of my second outfit of that day. X

Putting my hat on covering my head from the liquid sunshine, I made this fancy black hat functional for the first time in forever.


Bed Peace

sweater c/o zalora converse sneakers

These are the coolest wall I've ever seen. Shooting with Graffiti the cat, I had the most enjoyable time spending on my camera. There would be no end of poses if my mom didn't call me for dinner. Picking the jpges above from the extensive achievement is almost tantamount to choosing set lunch A/B; caramelized banana & crushed walnuts waffle/ spinach egg benedict; to eat cakes and pudding brought from Taiwan by my friends/ to presevere in my 7th diet plan and keep them at a distance(i did the latter one btw decision made in good consicience) ---  one of the hardest decisions I've ever made.

Wrestling with my significant others aside, this outfit gives an illusion delusion of unprecedented slimmer legs of mine. Maybe this is the reason I like fashun? Iguess. In order to have an overwhelming hallucination of my dream body.

Gotta work for Candice's body, Seeya bishes. X


There's only me There's only you

dress from here denim jacket similar here bag similar here shoes from here

Tartan and denim are absolutely the best friends on earth, and the lookalike Chanel chain bag is a plus, thanks China. The lovely cafe we shot at with divine soy chai latte made the shooting process even better, minus people kept staring at us with strange look. But I'm getting used to those stares with cycles of shooting, so this was not a problem for me at this point. The attendance of my little cousin also made it less awkward for that matter.

In a bit to get more used to the meaningful stares and be less embarrassed in the future, I'll be shooting with Sherry tomorrow afternoon, Stay tuned!