Almost Lover

 Jpges from my last shooting with Sherry from Mare Nubium and my boo. After having our egg Benedict and banana waffles, Sherry Chloe and I headed for teakha where Ellie Esther and my sister were waiting for us. We started shooting with some adorable walls and shops once the shower tailed off into a drizzle. Accompanied by my BOY sweatshirt, wild Nike and beloved Mings,  I had so much fun during the shooting and hopefully there'll be an other shooting plan in the Easter break. Tell me your thoughts!
Can't wait to show you guys the rest of the photos of my second outfit of that day. X

Putting my hat on covering my head from the liquid sunshine, I made this fancy black hat functional for the first time in forever.


  1. You're pics are very nice :)
    and your outfit it's super cool
    very style

  2. love ya to the moon and back <3


  3. you two are very stylish and professional in shooting now :)

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