Caramel waffle

Some shots from a while back when I was still in the CNY vibe (i'm having my easter break fyi) I remember me feeling super high in these mono pieces that day, as most of them were ordered online and the package arrived my place the day before this shooting.

It's so depressing knowing hundreds of people missing/ got killed in some incidents happened recently, from MH370 the missing flight to the latest shipwreck in South Korea, and cannot do anything to help. I just wish I could be like Elena Gilbert, and go underwater, and save everyone's life. Anyways, let's just keep an eye on the latest news of these unfortunate disasters and pray for the missing people to be rescued..

Good day!Enjoy your long weekend for those who are in Hong Kong!X

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  1. Super outfit all day:)) x

  2. Love your blog! And yes, those unfortunate events are so unfair and sad. Prayers to them.

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