Sorry for the lack of food jpges, since I was way too busy pouring food into my mouth, I forgot to let my camera ate first *oops* But seriously, the food we had that day were super super delicious. I feel so blessed in living in such a multicultural place. Because of the cultural diversity of Hong Kong, there are so many choices of diner for me to opt for. lucky lucky On that day We also had egg benedict, harsh brown, korean Bi Bim Bap, ramen and cheese egg roll, however they all went into my stomach before I realized I had to take photos of them. So, umm my bad.

For those who are in Hong Kong, I strongly suggest you use the best antitode when you're craving to food in bed "Openrice". it indludes so many high-calibre restaurants in Hong Kong from Yuen Long to Tai Hang, featuring ultimate cuisines from Hong Kong egg cake to Taiwan taro rice balls to the cutest cupcakes.

I know i haven't updated my blog for nearly 2 weeks, but things get better now, i survived the deadlines of different projects in the past week Minus there are exams very soon in june so i will be able to post more often until then.

I'm preparing something exciting for you guys! I believe you will like it! So Stay tuned! X

Have a nice day!

1. 瑞記咖啡 French toast + milk tea in soda glass bottle
the staffs there are so nice and warm, they remind me of my own grannies<3
and the food is fantastic! Concentrated milk+french toast = perfect combo

2. WAFFLE! Nutella + vanilla ice cream waffle
OMG it's crispy outside and so thick. and the nutella oh my i wish i can present it to you right now

3. Passion by Gerard Dubois salmon quiche + Creme Brulee + ice coffee
the best quiche I've ever tried! and you can never say no to Creme brulee, right Or just me :3

4. Brunch Club spinach egg bendict set
I'm not a big fan of harsh brown, but brunch club makes me fell in love with it<3 but to me the salad sauce taste a bit strange

5. Mix & Rice Bi Bim Bap+ seafood ramen+ cheese egg roll
the staffs there speak Korean! Gonna try fried chicken there next time!

i'm suck at describing things. Thanks for staying til now.*muah* and here's a playlist of what I've been listening to hope you enjoy it and tell me your thoughts and the songs you're currently in love with in the comment down below! X


  1. porbably the best post everrrr! You make me so hungry rn.


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