I'm still alive. Techincally, it's my rebirth after 5-day-break after finals. Everything is over, and Summer has officially declare its approaching by darkening me for 2 shades or 3.

Sun tanning aside, it's so hard to wear more than one layer of clothes ever since the last rainstorm was over, the temperature is basically over 30 degree celsius everyday. It's the best I can do to wear a tank top with this perfect overall. I'm totally in Summer mood and can't wait to implement my post-exam-to-do-list/ Summer plan, i.e. taking good care of my abandoned blog.

Gonna get my whitening paper mask off. Over and out.



blouse from H&M leather shorts from zara sneakers from H&M bag from here

I'm so into this blouse+leather shorts combo! The blouse is my best buy from H&M yet. I find that more and more pieces in my closet are from h&m. I can't imagine what's gonna happen when the Alexander Wang collection is out. This is my favorite outfit so far. And I feel so lucky that I found a new shooting spot that day and i think the outcomes are amazing! What do ya think?
i hate to tell you this but.... finals coming it will soon be paradise few weeks later. finger crossed for those who are suffering from finals/ exams/ deadlines. X